Our technologies

Product cost is predominately determined by its design and selected material. Having a wide range of innovative technologies, supported by world-class manufacturers, Swildens is ideally placed to assist our customers in identifying the optimal manufacturing solution. Our emphasis is always on providing the right solution by utilizing the right technology.

Open Die-casting parts

Die-casting parts

Open Deep Drawn Parts

Deep drawn parts

Open Forged Aluminum, Machining and Assemblies

Forged aluminum, machining and assemblies

Open Sintered Structural Parts and Self Lubricating Bearings

Sintered structural parts and self lubricating bearings

Open Impact Extrusion and Machining

Impact extrusion and machining

Open Gears, Shafts, Transmission Components

Gears, shafts, transmission components

Open Springs and Wire forming

Springs and wire forming

Open Stamped and Bent Parts

Stamped and bent parts

Open Contact Material (Assemblies)

Contact material (assemblies)

Open Plastics Injection Moulded Contacts, Carriers and Housing Substrates

Plastics injection moulded contacts, carriers and housing substrates

Open Tube Manufacturing  and Forming, Stamping

Tube manufacturing and forming, stamping

Open Wire Harnesses

Wire harnesses

Open Miniature Tubular Parts  and Tubular Assemblies

Miniature tubular parts and tubular assemblies

Open Turned and Milled Parts inclusive grinding and honing

Turned and milled parts inclusive grinding and honing

Open Magnetic Wire Wound Components/Coils

Magnetic wire wound components/coils

Open Fine blanked/formed parts

Fine blanked/formed parts

Open Cold Formed Parts

Cold formed parts

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